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Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Welcome to my first fleet blog.

These are my two BMW E3 2500s. The white E3 is a 1971 manual car that started life in South Africa and then moved with its owner to Portugal in 1975. It was sold to the owners friend who kept it until 2016, which is when it made it's way to England to it's new BMW enthusiast owner.

I then purchased it via a BMW specialist that was storing the car.

The green E3 is an automatic and was found on ebay. It had been sitting in a lock up for about 9 years on the Isle of Anglsey. I viewed it at its first MOT since being laid up.

The MOT tester said as it was on the ramp I really needed to see underneath.

Knowing how these cars can rust, my heart sank.

I ran my finger over the road grime and revealed fresh paint. A deal was immediately struck.

White 2500 (E3) As purchased via the dealer.

Agave green 2500 (E3) has only covered 69,000 miles

A spray on coating when new has preserved the underside.

Rust free battery tray is testament to the condition of the bodywork on this 52 year old car.

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